Etihad Savana

Etihad Savana is an umbrella of companies catering to the hospitality sector.

Each company offers a unique service that will attend to the needs of the growing market of Saudi Tourism & Hospitality. Our aim is to build hotels and operate them profitably.

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Building Hotels

The construction division of Etihad Savana is a full fledged contracting company with all the expertise needed to build hotels.

Operating Profitably

The hospitality division of Etihad Savana has experts from the industry with decades of experience in operating five star hotels.

Who's Savana?

Savana, the beauty of this name lies behind the story of a great historic figure in the Arab world; where the company name was derived from. Savana was the daughter of Hatem Al-Tai, a famous poet, an icon- until this day - to the Arabs known for his extreme generosity and hospitality. Every night Hatem would light a candle flame at the top of the mountain, to attract travelers and anyone in need. He would feed them and shower them with his generosity by providing his guests (even without knowing their identities) with camel, sheep, and anything that he owned. In one instant he butchered his last sheep for his guest and favored him over his family. Savana was greatly influenced by her father's morals. After the death of her father, Savana was held as a prisoner of war by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). She gathered up courage to speak to the Prophet as she told him that she is the daughter of Hatem, the head of the tribe, who possessed quality traits, generosity, kindness, ethics and manners. The Prophet set her free because he believed in these qualities and was fond of Savana and her father, in which she then decided to be a supporter of the Prophet.

Savana has always walked in her father's footsteps, and she took after his role and became an inspiration to all. Savana's story and her morals was an example to us in which we wanted to embed the same principles from within the company. Not only does Savana's story resonate with us because it's a big part of the Middle Eastern culture, but because we believe in these morals and follow them daily. Our logo has been specifically designed as a flame in combination with Savana's name because it is the focal point of Etihad Savana. We wanted to carry Hatem and Savana's legacy and keep the flame ignited.

Our History

Etihad Savana's foundation is set in many years of experience in contracting, and hospitality.

Etihad Savana was founded March 5, 2012 by Mr. Obaid bin Khalifa, who has experience in the hospitality industry for 15 years and counting. Etihad Savana started as a contracting company with many projects worth over millions of Saudi Riyals. The company has currently developed into an umbrella of companies catering to the hospitality sector. From feasibility studies to consultations to construction to operations and everything in between; Etihad Savana will do it all.

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To be innovators in all our work within the world of hospitality, adding a competitive advantage which will ensure client satisfaction and social approval.


To consistently achieve the highest standards of hospitality, by embracing and supporting local talent which will be the stepping stone of creating a unified environment.


At Etihad Savana we believe that the true identity of the company is embedded within its values. We pride ourselves of the following morals.

Enjoy exclusive offers and privileges reserved only for you.

The Partnerships