01. Past

We have successfully been in the construction business for multiple years.

02. Present

We have consolidated 3 business units under one (Construction| Real Estate| Hospitality). We have partnered up with international companies and we operate from our locations in Bahrain, Paris and Saudi Arabia.

03. Future

To expand our operations all around the world, build new partnerships, and constantly improve and revolutionize the world of hospitality.

About Etihad Savana

Etihad Savana was founded March 5, 2012 by Mr. Obaid bin Khalifa, who has experience in the hospitality industry for 15 years and counting.

Etihad Savana started as a contracting company with many projects worth over millions of Saudi Riyals. The company has currently developed into an umbrella of companies as one of our strategies for 2015, which is structured around serving the hospitality sector within Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf. From feasibility studies to consultations to construction to operations and everything in between; Etihad Savana has it all. Recently, we began to implement our plan to go abroad and serve the international markets. Hospitality is an intricate industry in which every small detail must be studied from the very beginning. One decision can affect the success of the hotel. Which is why we took liberty in building each and every company to assess the project at hand with expertise, professionalism, and detail.


To be innovators in all our work within the world of hospitality, adding a competitive advantage which will ensure client satisfaction and social approval.


To consistently achieve the highest standards of hospitality, by embracing and supporting local talent which will be the stepping stone of creating a unified environment.


At Etihad Savana we believe that the true identity of the company is embedded within its values. We pride ourselves of the following morals.

  • New never gets old

    We encourage our employees to think of new, bright, and different ideas. To accept change in a fast pace working environment. Innovation.

  • Our value is based on you

    Building a trusting relationship with both our clients and employees creates a bond that will only grow stronger. Loyalty.

  • Start Living The Dream

    Staying focused will lead to continuous productivity. Awareness.

  • The glass is half full

    Your achievements are best accomplished with enthusiasm and enjoyment. Optimism.

  • Together Everyone Achieves More

    We are a TEAM that works hand in hand resulting in efficiency. We go by Aristotle's famous saying "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Unity.

Chairman's Message

In the midst of this changing world our mission and vision was written flexibly so that Savana's World is constantly adjusting to this change and is always at the head of its game with the support of our professional employees, and there commitment to the company's values to always become distinguished pioneers in the world of hospitality.

We will continue this movement with the development of our knowledge and economic intelligence along with our positivity with all of our esteemed partners and clients to achieve our objectives with authenticity and with a spirit of citizenship which reflects what we have in Saudi Arabia's identity and deep cultural heritage.

Savana's philosophy lies in the rigidity of principles and values carried by the depth of the desert of the Arabian Peninsula and its fragrant history to spread the culture of Saudi authentic hospitality and disseminate the concepts of love, tolerance, beauty and morals in their society, and develop a clear imprint in the world of hospitality and global competition in this field.

Obaid Bin Khalifa



"One for all and all for one" Etihad Savana goes by the notion that one person would work to help everyone and everyone would work to help one person. Our culture is structured around Teamwork.

The Strategy

Change for the better

At Etihad Savana we follow the Kaizen practice. We focus on continuous improvement daily, in every part of the business internally, externally, and even personally. Kaizen means that we achieve big results that originate from numerous small changes that are accumulated as time passes. Meaning that everyone is involved in making these improvements, working hand in hand as a team.

Strength from within
Train, Develop, & Grow

We value our employees and believe that the true success of the company lies in their hands. We invest in them as much as we invest in our clients. By offering constant training in personal and professional development, allows us flexibility, constant improvements, and innovation within project implementation.

The Real Strategy is No Strategy At All

We believe that Etihad Savana's culture does not need a strategy per se because our passion for the success of the business is rooted from within the soul of its people. The strategy is embedded in us allowing the flow of the business to grow based on personal growth. There are no fine lines allowing a certain type of freedom while doing work.

The Partnerships

With our partners we ensure specialized and unique services catered to your needs. Our Partners are chosen carefully through a certain criteria making it extremely difficult to become a part of Etihad Savana. One standard that is used in determining who our partners are, is related to making sure that there values coincide with ours. Although it's difficult becoming a part of Etihad's Partnerships, we guarantee profitability and flexibility in working with us. It does not matter the size of our partners as much as there professionalism because our goal is to grow with our partners at the same rate as the success of our projects. We are continuously looking for new partnerships to help build the Etihad Savana Consortium.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Etihad Savana strongly believes that it is its duty to care for the Saudi society, homeland, and any society we are in. It is our responsibility to give back to the community that has been a great support to the founders of E.S.

The Partnerships