Savana Hospitality

We would like to announce the first ever Saudi-owned hotel operation company with a new Trademark.

With over 15 years of expertise, Savana will run and operate your hotel into success. With the Savana brand you won't go wrong. Savana Operations has many branding options to help make the perfect fit with your hotel design and theme.

  • Develop

    Take your hotel to the next step by calling our Savana Team of Analyst to study your operations and offer solutions to any type of issue your hotel is facing. We can take care of anything from recruitment, implementation of new sales tactics, training and growing the teams, to creating a successful marketing strategy and much more.

  • Operate

    With the Savana Trademark we ensure that your hotel will be running smoothly. At Savana Hotels we make sure that everything is perfected for the guests from booking the hotel rooms, to their stay, and until their departure. We make sure that everything is up to par with our standards in making sure all divisions are fully trained for the best experience.

  • Joint Ventures

    Our expertise in the hospitality industry allows us the ability to create partnerships with international hotel-related companies that would like to enter the GCC markets. We welcome all types of companies from Spas, to F&B, to consultants, to hotel operation companies and more.

The Partnerships