Savana Real Estate Development

We believe that property development is key to the success of all owners.

Savana Real Estate Development offers multiple services to improve your hospitality project. Whether you need to study the best plan for your property, are looking to buy or sell a hotel, need funding for your project, consultations or even partnerships; we will be able to assist and guide you to the best solid plan, and executed project.

Real Estate Development

Developing your property from the ground-up. We have strong partnerships with companies with the largest developers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ensuring the investor the best experience and giving you the best ideas along with the most professional studies for any given project, whether it is funding with banks, or local houses of money, or with individuals which we ensure the best fit with their ideas.


At Savana Real Estate Development we look into buying/selling international properties and hotels. We find the perfect opportunities both internationally and domestically along with our strong network, professional experience, and the credibility to present these opportunities directly to Saudi investors.

If you are looking for an international estate, a domestic estate, or would like to list your real estate opportunity, email us at

The Partnerships